Bevy Plugins

Various plugin crates I have worked on for the Bevy Engine.

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Simple CLI tool for unpacking the unitypackages that also allows auto convert of the FBX files to GLTF during unpacking.

Rusty Unity Hub

Very simple alternative for Unity Hub. Rust pet project.

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Create spritesheets in seconds! Attempt to build texture atlas packer GUI.

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The Last Barbarian

The Last Barbarian finds himself in an endless dungeon assaulted by wave after wave of dangerous undead. Some of them use their fists, some their blades, and others bow and arrows!

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Doppler Engine

My OpenGL engine. I want to recreate look and feel from PS1 console using more modern tech.

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Simple server made with hosting locally webgl games in mind.

It makes testing Unity webgl games easy, even allows connecting with different domains(less CORS issues during tests).

Tight Space

The game is about very Small Universe traversing through tight space of the multiverse. You can also help the Small Universe to GATHER SMALL PLANETS to strengthen itself (they give POINTS!) What's more, contrary to popular belief the MULTIVERSE IS SHRINKING!

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Slavic castles

Game strongly inspired by the Arcomage game from Might & Magic series. Written using Rust.

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My own status made for i3-gaps.

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